About Pixee Fox

Pixee Fox was born and raised in the small Swedish town of Gavle, with her parents and older sister. She attended The International English academy before moving up to upper secondary school where she studied 3 years of craftsmanship in Electricity/Automation. After school she started to work with a company doing electrical planning, smart housing, and CAD construction. Pixee has always been fascinated by american cars and in 2010 she went to the US to pick up her first mustang to do a coast to coast roadtrip. After the trip she brought the car home and sold it a few months later at a substantial profit. She decided to start an automobile import business together with her former love interest who also was an american car collector and mechanic. After secretly wanting to have a rhinoplasty since he was 10 years old, Pixee decided to finally do something about it. By the age of 21, she had an image of herself with an exotic appearance similar to a fairy cartoon, but the reflection never matched how she felt inside. Metaphorically speaking she says she always felt like the ugly duckling, born in a place she was not supposed to be and with people who did not understand her need for such an uncommon creative outlet.

During the years of 2011-2014 Pixee continued to travel places and get procedures in secret while working as an electrician and running her automobile import business. At this time she was concerned by the judgments and disappointment from family, friends and the people around her. For that reason she was scared of too drastically change her appearance but she also describes it as a process to understand and accept what she truly wanted for herself. “By realising it it is not about what i do or how i look, it is how i dedice and how I want to feel, that my true jurney really started. You can't be liked by everyone but you can love yourself and put yourself in an environment that lets you grow in to who and what you want to be.” 2014 is where Pixee says her transformational journey really started. She decided to no longer value anyone else's opinion but her own when it came to her life and dreams.

After going through a tough period in her life and after having to put down her 2 dogs and her horse in the short period of 6 months, Pixee says she hit her rock bottom. Now she had nothing holding her back. She quit her job as an electrician, left the import business and the relationship, moved to the capital to start to work in club before moving to North Carolina to work for a gaming company as a model. In US Pixee continued her transformation, up until October of 2015 of Pixee had been more private about her transformation. It is now 2018 and Pixee Fox is leveraging her millions of views on social media and relationships with the best surgeons all around the world to brand several new companies.