About Beauty Funder

Beautyfunder is the first platform of its kind. Combining crowdfunding with a social network to create a platform unlike anything currently out there. Beautyfunder connects “Beauties” (anyone interested in enhancing themselves with a cosmetic procedure.) to “Funders” (anyone assisting a beauty in reaching their desired goal.) What makes this platform so unique is that it brings together a community of individuals with a common interest in beauty, all while keeping its users free from judgement and scrutiny.

The idea of Beautyfunder was conceived by none other than beauty industry leader Pixee Fox. After having more than 250 cosmetic procedures, no one understands the ins and outs of the industry more than she does. Recognizing the need for such a platform stemmed from her personal experience after having so many procedures, and receiving no kind of help from any medical coverage providers. Identifying the need for such a platform came after an overwhelming number of individuals have reached out to miss Fox in search of guidance when it comes to getting, and funding their desired procedures.